Friday, April 18, 2008

Occupying Our Time

People are always asking what our status is in the adoption. I wish I had more to say, but I don't. This kind of waiting is very untangible for me. With Hally and Brady, I had doctor appointments, weeks to count, and many other milestones to encourage me that the their beginings were going to occur. This kind of pregnancy is almost like walking in a dark tunnel and trying to find the exit. You know there is an exit and a time when you'll get out of the tunnel, but you just don't know when it will be. Mentally, I keep telling myself that it is going to be a long walk and to just get used to walkin'. In doing that, I'm trying to find the joy of being in the tunnel, and so far I feel like I've been pretty succesful. I meet with an adoption group once a month that I just LOVE!! We all get along like old friends, and I look forward to knowing them more. Being around Jamie Jo, Gabby, and family has helped see what coming out of the tunnel looks like, and helps me to realize God's way or plan is so much better than mine. I have also been planning/designing a fund raiser t shirt and necklace that I will be displaying on my blog shortly. Jamie has also designed a shirt that I have displayed it to the right. Isn't it AWESOME?!!! It will be sold at AnNi Designs by June. Proceeds from the shirt will be going to help fund our adoption. My future plans will be to complete our fund raisers and read books on adoption. Pray for us that we continue this whole journey with strength and a great attitude. We covet these dearly!!