Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I've got it bad my friends!! I have so much to be thankful for... a great husband, THREE wonderful children, and FANTASTIC FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!

We have been struggling with a name for our 16 month old. She has a beautiful name that was given to her by her bio family. As of right now, we are going to keep that as her first name and use Scout as her middle name. We cannot share her name (or photo) on this blog until she is legally adopted in Ethiopia. Speaking of this, we have not heard any info from our agency. Hopefully we'll hear something next week letting us know when our tentative travel date is scheduled. We are praying and hoping that our court process in Ethiopia will be expedited and only have to go to court ONCE (some families have gone over 6 times)!!!!

This wait for me is definitely harder than waiting for the referral. I stare at R. Scout's picture at least a dozen times a day. I just want to hop onto a plane and go get our girl!!! I have a lot of respect for the families who received their referrals in the summer and had to wait until October or November (some are still waiting) to pick up their kids... that is painful to think about!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Little More Details!!!

Pheww!! What a past couple of days the Blackwells have had!!! I did not realize how much my world would change in such a short time. Last Friday started off a little rocky as my son was not feeling very well, and I was finally wearing down and starting to feel like we might not ever receive a referral. Through most of this journey, I have really tried to keep an upbeat attitude, but it came to an end last Friday. During my lunch break, I gave in and had myself a little pity party, shed a few tears, and complained to my steadfast husband, who was at home taking care of our sick child. By 2:30, I had shuffled the last of my students out the door, and I was beginning to think of all the things I had to do over the weekend. I noticed one of my dear friends, Kristen, down the hall preparing for our daughters' Girl Scout meeting and decided I would help her set up. She was setting up in a room that is only used for meetings and such. I noticed the phone was ringing, but decided not to answer it as I thought someone dialed the wrong phone number. Moments later our school secretary speaks through the room's intercom system and said that I had a very important phone call. My heart skips a little, but I decide that this is probably a parent or one of my bosses needing something. I answer the phone, "This is Kelly Blackwell". I hear a pause, and I know it's our referral call. I hear a voice, "This is Terra Bailey. I have Kevin on the line and this is your referral call". I cover my mouth and instantaneously I start to sob uncontrollably. Kristen rushes to me and asks if I am okay. Terra begins to inform us that she is looking at the most beautiful two and half year old baby girl and her birth date was in '07 (Jamie Jo later helps me realize that she indeed is only one and half years old). I am still sobbing profusely but manage to mouth to Kristen that we have a baby girl. Terra continues to give us more information of what to expect in the future, and I can only get out "thank you and I'll see you at home, Kevin". I hang up and can only think of how fast I can get home. I rush into Hally's classroom and motion for her to get her things and go. She, fortunately, was packed up, and only had to swing her backpack over her shoulder and zip off. When we get into the hallway, I squeal out that we got our baby girl. She starts to giggle with extreme delight and cannot stop. I have only heard and seen her laugh like this one other time, and it was when she first saw her baby brother, Brady. All the way out to the car, we are being applauded with congratulations and hugs from friends at work, and Hally is still giggling until she finally succumbs to tears of joy. The ride home seemed like the longest trip we have ever made to get home. We got behind every slow car out in Branson, and we had to back track and take another route to get home due to a car accident. When we finally get home, Hally and I rush to the basement, where Kevin and Brady are waiting, and we all have our eyes glued on the email with the subject stating "today is the day". Oh, indeed it was. Click. We saw the most incredible set of brown eyes and radiant smile on a little one year old. Picture after picture, she is literally beaming off our computer screen. There was no doubt in our minds that this was our child. I know that it sounds weird but she actually looks like us. She has an expression, almost facetious, that our son gives a lot and that is when I knew that this was a Blackwell!!

What now? The process of finalizing paperwork and arranging travel plans is a definite, but the time line in which this will be done is not being disclosed to us at the present. We are praying for Godspeed, and we are asking that you would do the same!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


At 2:35 we got the most amazing phone call to let us know that we have a 16 month old daughter, Scout. She is absolutely RADIANT with the most beautiful smile (with a mouth full of teeth). We are sooooo excited and can't wait to share pictures with you all!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

9 Months!!!

Last Saturday, we have been waiting 9 months. Just like a full term pregnancy, I am ready for the baby!!! I am very hopeful that we will get a referral this month, and I talked to our adoption coordinator and she feels the same way!!