Thursday, October 11, 2007

Moving Right Along

We're feeling official a little more each day. Last night we got a call from our Home Study Coordinator, Steffany. She told me that I will be getting a call from a Local Home Study Case Worker, Shannon, to set up the first of three meetings. A part of compiling our home study is attending a workshop in KC. Since they only have these workshops once a month and the workshop date in November conflicts with previous made plans, Kevin and I are dropping everything and attending the October workshop which just happens to be in two days!!! This will be informative because they address topics like attachment and bonding, talking about adoption with your child, issues in adopting trans-racially and trans-culturally, and other issues pertaining to adoption. This weekend we will also get our home study packet, so we will be quickly immersed in paper work. I kind of feel that my job as a special education teacher has been preparing me for this moment. If you know anything about Special Education Teachers, you know that we reign supreme as the queens/kings in the area of tedious paper work, so bring it on!!!

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Deanna said...

You are one step closer!