Saturday, October 27, 2007


I can't believe it has been so long since my last post. We are definitely in the thick of our paper pregnancy. Overall, I would have to say that it has not been so bad. Kevin is almost completely done with his part. All he has left is his autobiography. I am having my tuberculosis test with the kids tomorrow and have my physical on Wednesday. We sent off for all of our police/FBI reports today, and I am going to send all of our birth and marriage certificates this week to be certified by their respective secretary's of state. The home study packet should be finished in a week, and then we'll be ready for home visits by our case worker. Once that is completed and typed we'll be able to send in our dossier. I am sure I am missing a couple of steps there, but I think we should wrap up the paper part by January being the earliest.

God has been so good to surround us by families who are adopting. I am so thrilled for one of my friends, Jamie Jo, who is very close to being in Rwanda (literally on her way there) to pick up her precious baby girl, CiCi. She has been a life saver in guiding me through the paper work frenzy and has really enabled me to take the frenzy OUT! I was very touched that she without a flinch handed over her binder containing her dossier and homestudy and told me to look at hers to help out with mine. She did say though, that if my house burns down to grab this binder before I get my kids :) Another friend, Kari, has been a God send as well. She wrote a post in our Ethiopia Yahoo Group explaining all the "coincidences" we shared. We recently started playing bunko together, her son is in my husband's class, go to the same BIG church, and then to find out we are both going to be adopting from Ethiopia. I feel blessed that God would think enough to place others in my life to be a support and to allow them to weave their life threads into the blanket of my life. It's amazing!!!

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Kari Gibson said...

I have goosebumps!!! We were both very blessed to have JJ hold our hands & help us thru the madness of paperwork. God had His plan already mapped out before we even met! Thanks for being there for me, too!! We'll lift each other up on the journey of waiting for our girls!!
Have a super Sunday...hope Hally feels better soon!