Thursday, December 18, 2008

We Got Our First Update!!!

I was so thrilled this morning to receive an email from Terra with our first update. Here is what it said:

R. Scout is just about the cutest little thing you've ever seen walking
around. She is SO happy, playful, and fun. She loves to tease, laugh,
and cuddle.

I also received a message from Karen Wistrom:

Your daughter was the most social, smiley, happy little girl. She has got such a great personality and loved to be held and cuddled. Your daughter and Whittier's daughter were vying for the center position on my daughters' laps! She was such a happy, sweet natured little girl. You will be so blessed.

This was the BEST early Christmas EVER!!! This will definitely get me through another 4 weeks!

Just in case you noticed, I had to take the "Through The Green Doors" title off my blog as our agency has moved the transition home to a bigger facility. This is great as the new facility will be able to hold more children so referrals will happen more frequently!!!


'becca said...

I asked your mom about any new news today over lunch at school - i was a sub. SO excited to hear this. SOON, so soon, your little light will be here. Love to all 5 of you!

Kari:) said...

We can't wait to hold & cuddle R. Scout!! She is soooo precious!! The waiting will prayerfully go by fast! We are praying for you!