Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Almost Four Weeks

It's hard to believe, but it has almost been four weeks since we got our referral. Our coordinator told us that we would be contacted within two weeks, but that has not happened. In the meantime, we have been praying for R. Scout like crazy. Since she is a toddler, we have to brace ourselves for some transitional and attachment issues. PLEASE pray with us that God would be preparing our hearts and R. Scout's heart to one another. We also have been enjoying new pictures taken by families picking up their children. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate them. This week the Hutchinsons sent us pictures of R. Scout receiving her care package that we sent with them. When she was looking at the photo album (of us) I wish I could tell you that she had the same reaction that we had when we saw her. Quite the contrary actually. If I could give her words, she might be saying something like "Is this who I'm going to be living with?". HA! I am hoping that really she was interrupted in something that she would rather be doing. Reguardless, it is fun to see her many expressions as there is quite a range (quite like a typical toddler).


Zack and Rebecca Caldwell said...

We will be praying for cute Scout and for your family. Also, we are your care package family- you probably already knew that, just wanted to make sure! We are honored! Our address is 52 Hurst Lane, London, Ky. 40744

Zack and Rebecca Caldwell said...

Hi Kelly!
It's me again ;) So glad to hear that you will be sending your care package (for some reason I didn't get your email :) We will give your girl lots of love!! And course take lots of pictures :)

Christi said...

Kelly, this is Christi from work. Your mother has been so excited. Your family is in my thoughts. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Karen said...

Kelly - Once you labeled the pictures of your daughter in our picasa album I finally figured it out!!! Your daughter was the most social, smiley, happy little girl. She has got such a great personality and loved to be held and cuddled. Your daughter and Whittier's daughter were vying for the center position on my daughters' laps! She was such a happy, sweet natured little girl. You will be so blessed - Merry Christmas! with love, Karen Wistrom