Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No News. . .

. . .is good news.

I know that all of you are so anxious for news! ME TOO!!! I've been taking my phone with me EVERYWHERE (literally) so that I don't miss another call.

No news is good news. . .I'm thinking that they cannot get internet access and that they are having too much fun with Rae to bother looking further for easier access. I'm so excited for the Blackwell family! What an amazing life journey they are on! I am so proud of them and so happy for them!

Please continue to pray for their safety and their bonding with Rae! What an adjustment for a girl who is walking and just starting to speak (a different language).

They will be home before we know it! I promise to keep you all posted the SECOND I hear from them!

-Jamie Jo


Christi said...

I work with Kelly's mother and I know that she called her yesterday I believe. Kelly told her Rae was more beautiful, funnier and so on...than a picture could have ever done her justice. I love Kelly's parents very much and am so excited for their family. said...

JJ...ugh, YES we're soooo anxious to hear more -- stalking like crazy!!! Thanks for the updates!!