Sunday, February 15, 2009

We are home!

Just wanted to give a quick update while Rae is asleep (that felt great to write). We are all safe and sound and a happy family of five!! I have so much to say about what occurred last week, but somehow I don't think words will be able to give justice to the journey that we have been on. I do plan on writing posts in the future reflecting on our experiences... they were absolutely amazing and life changing. To get to the main and most important details though, Rae is absolutely wonderful. Make no mistake as I don't want to mislead anyone into thinking we had a fairy tale scenario where Rae immediately loved us and we all lived happily ever after. Rae has had her world turn upside down on her. Everything she ever knew is gone and she is learning everything in her life all over again perhaps for the third time (or more) in her life. When she first met us, she wanted nothing to do with us. She has warmed up to us, though, fast and is starting to like us more and more with each passing day. One thing is for certain is that the moment that we saw her, we melted into a puddle and felt our hearts burst into a million pieces.

I am feeling very lethargic and tired, so I am signing off for now. Thanks so much for everyone's prayers and posts. We appreciate them so much. Also, a big thanks to Jamie for posting while we were gone. You have been a Godsend during this time!!!


Danielle said...

Welcome home, Blackwells! It's so good to know that you are safe and sound and that you can write things like "While Rae is sleeping..." :)


The Gillman Family said...

We are so glad you are home and with Rae. We can't wait to meet her!!!! Get some rest :)
Love the Gillmans!!!

Zack and Rebecca Caldwell said...

Welcome Home! We understand exactly what you mean! It is a LIFE CHANGING experience! Get some rest, and enjoy getting to know your precious girl! Take it one day at a time :) said...

Praise God, you're home safe & sound!! I can't wait to hear about your trip & see pics of your family!! I can't wait to see you with Rea!!! Can you believe this has all happened!! Thank you for cuddling our boy!! This court stuff is about to make me crazy!!!
Miss you!
Alisa :)