Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 Month Post Placement Visit

Last week Shanon, our fab social worker, came over to do our 3 month post placement visit. Can you believe it? It actually hasn't been quite three months, but I wanted to make sure we got the ball rolling. Our visit was very revealing for me to realize just how much has happened in just a little amount of time. When Rae first came home, she ate a lot (I mean packed it down), wouldn't make good eye contact when she was upset, and liked to run up to strangers and be held. These are all signs of a child who isn't attached to someone or possibly a child who is grieving a loss of some sort. Well, Rae is now a picky eater, will make eye contact with me when she is upset and is just a little more discriminant about who she lets pick her up... I count this to her just being a very friendly child by nature. I know we aren't out of the woods yet concerning adjustment and attachment, but boy we are off to a good start!!!!

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