Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You're Invited, So Please Come!

On May 9th, I am helping with an America World Adoption Seminar that will be held at my church in Ozark, James River Assembly, from 10-12. If you are reading this, and you would like more information about adoption from Ethiopia, Rwanda, China, India, Russia, Ukraine, or Kazakhatstan, then please come. You can register by calling 888-one-child.


Kari said... know I will be there:))) Its really exciting to be a part of JRA family dedicated to children in need!

The Gillman Family said...


The park is sequiota park in Springfield. Galloway Station area (just off of East Battlefield). Great for climbing, etc. Even little caves you can go into.

Have a good day!

erinjay said...

Hi- We are planning to come to the seminar and are just beginning the journey to adopt from Ethiopia. I just read way back in your blog, seeing how your journey took shape and feel like I know you already! Can't wait to meet you! We live in Lebanon, Mo. See you next weekend- Erin Jay