Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Rahel Scout!!!

Two years ago our sweet baby Rae was born. I cannot tell you how blessed and fortunate I feel to be this child's mom. She is amazingly charming, smart, bubbly, and just a FUN little girl. When we were preparing ourselves for Rae's arrival, I had no idea of what a blessing we would receive. Thank you LORD for this wonderful BLESSING called Rahel Scout!!!!


Jamie Jo said...

Ummmmmmmm. . .several things.

1. That is the most amazing birthday cake I have EVER seen!!!

2. Maggie has that suit. . .do you want me to send it to Hally so that H & R can match?

3. Rae has gotten SO big! I cannot believe it!!

4. I miss you more than words can express!!! (My secret code word below--to post to your blog--is "tears"--how appropriate b/c you are loved and missed!!!!)

Kari said...

Sweet Rae, HAPPY BIRTHDAY:) Your joy and spirit is a gift from the Lord. We are sooooo blessed to have you in our lives. Your smile melts my heart!! Your special day looked so much fun in pics!! Wish we could have played at the pool with you.

You're 2!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikki said...

She is beautiful- hope she had a great birthday!