Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friends, Food, Fun, and A Fawn!!!

We had an action packed weekend last weekend filled with beloved friends! I have had plans for several weeks to have Hally's best friend, Maggie, over as she has recently moved to Colorado and was visiting this week to see her grandparents. Her grandparents could not get her until Saturday, so we got to STEAL her for one evening. Hally, Maggie, and Emmy were so happy to see each other and they had a BALL with one another. The Haggos family also came Friday to spend the weekend with us. The kids had a great time playing while Coni braided all the girls' hair and she even taught me how to make beef tibs (?). They also brought injera, dora wat, and a lentil stew. It was entirely and completely YUMMY!!! I am hoping to be able to both braid and cook Ethiopian in the near future!!! On Saturday when Maggie's grandpa came to get her, he brought over an abandoned baby deer that he had taken in. It was so adorable and definitely a highlight for the kids' weekend!!!

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Jamie Jo said...

So fun! Thanks for posting pics!